1. Is there advertising to the students? No, YSCooks is completely ads free.
  2.  What information do you collect from students? We collect their name and email to create a unique account on the app.
  3.  Is YSCooks COPPA compliant? Yes, YSCooks is designed to comply with child privacy laws such as Children Online Privacy Protection Act
  4.  Who is responsible for the connections the children make? The students or their parents are completely responsible for the contacts the students connect with, they have to initiate the connection to the contacts and this is only possible if they have the contact information of the friend
  5. Can content be reported within the app? Students can report contents considered inappropriate the app.  Once reported, content will  immediately be unavailable until reviewed and cleared.
  6. How are you making efforts to ensure the community is safe for kids? We are partnering with schools to roll this app out to ensure we are reaching the desired demography and maintain the integrity of the community. Prizes won during and of the challenges is also mailed directly to the school.
  7. What happens after school signs up: Instructions will be sent to administrators once their school signs up with detailed instructions.
  8.  How does it work? The app is mainly to encourage students to make healthier dining choices and also provide basic science information on the importance of food to health. Students earn points by engaging (sharing pictures/video of their healthier food choices, asking questions, sharing tips and strategies to reduce food waste). At the end of each cycle, the person with highest points will receive the winning prize for that cycle. 5 other people with high points will receive gift cards each
  9. What are the prizes? The winning prizes will vary with each cycle but will be announced at the beginning of each cycle. The prizes include games and gift cards
  10. What content appear in a user’s feed: Students see content shared by their friends or classmates whom they have connected with or announcements made by the app administrator .
  11. Can you delete the information collected? Yes, user information can be easily deleted by deleting the account or contacting our team